Time Lapse/ Video

Music is “Energize” by the extremely talented Michael Pridmore.

I can’t seem to make a time-lapse at home with out cats- so

guest appearances: by Fionna and Cake.

Featuring the Superlative Aurora and the Amazing Aidan.

to hear more from this artist: https://soundcloud.com/michaelpridmore

A Special thanks to Somaaa for the music and  to Fionna and Cake for their guest appearances.

to hear more from this artist:   soundcloud.com/somaaa

Fight Victim Make-up Time Lapse. Music by Michael Pridmore

I created a time-lapse of the process of doing my little sister’s zombie make-up, the resulting raw image, and edit.

A thank-you to my sweet seeeester for her enduring patience and letting me glue things to her face.

We’re in our 20’s and still playing dress up.

Music by Somaaa

My Make-up for Performers class had an animal assignment.

Joe said I looked like a Slow Loris.

A fun little project I did for my stop motion animation class last summer.

Thank you to Charles Clary for being generally awesome.

Attenion Span. A Time Lapse in motion, inspired by having a 7 year old boy and therefore many conversation concerning attention span.


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